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The company’s commitment to customers, big or small, is never compromised. Whether making deliveries out of their Ford Pinto or shipping full containers of product to major retailers the guiding principles of Rick and Ruth have remained firm. Providing high quality combined with business integrity in everything they do for their customers, vendors, employees, and the local community.

These guiding principles are firmly engrained in the company’s culture today as their son, Sean, continues in the rich tradition established by his parents Rick and Ruth. The Huang family would like to extend their warmest thanks to customers, current and future, for their support over the years and hope that Huang Acrylic can serve your needs for many years to come.

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Our products are designed specifically for customers, designed with 100% virgin acrylic, with over 40 years of expertise.

Huang Acrylic


In 1976, Rick and Ruth Huang boarded a DC-8 in Taipei.

With stops in Hong Kong and Honolulu to save money they made their way to the United States. With little more to their name than two suitcases and a dream of owning their own business they settled in America’s heartland . . .Dallas, Texas. To make ends meet, Rick worked as a busboy in a local Chinese restaurant while Ruth worked as an administrative assistant at Southwestern Medical School. After a full day, they both spent their evenings making their dream come true. Hard work, customer focus, and a commitment to providing only the best products became Huang Acrylic in 1978.

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